Why us?

LabELMAG has the only anechoic chamber in Romania that works up to 40 GHz, with “open” regime and the only prototyping level “sample shop” in the region that allows process control in all phases: deposition of solder paste on the printed wiring, picking up SMD components from the feeder and placing them on PCBs (printed circuit boards) according to a user-defined program, controlling the temperature profile for soldering components placed on PCBs, as well as checking and fixing any defects that may occur in the automated manufacturing process.

The main advantage of our Laboratory is the quick reaction time to our customers’ needs. We have a good local presence, that can shorten a product/project delivery time by months, since we do not have local competitors that have the same complete range of technical skills.

The added value of our services will increase even more, once we will extend our capabilities by integrating 3D printing (AME – Additive Manufactured Electronics), and therefore being able to completely integrate the electronic parts into a final product.

Research & Innovation Areas

The characterization, modeling and designing new materials for electrical, electronic and power engineering applications, in agreement with the strategy EUROPE 2020 for an intelligent and sustainable economic growth.

The development of multifunctional materials, Nano or micro structured, which combine oxide, organic, polymeric, or metallic materials and have pre-established properties.

The production of nanostructured materials and characterizing their basic structural, chemical and optical properties.

Technology and Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the LabELMAG comprises two major parts: 

– A 40 GHz Fully Anechoic Chamber, equipped with all the necessary  instruments for electromagnetic measurements of materials, structures, and systems; an anechoic chamber (an-echoic meaning “non-reflective”) is a room designed to stop reflections of either sound or electromagnetic waves.

– An upgraded research laboratory, comprising a complete set of hardware and software tools for the design and study of various electronic systems.

Our technologies

RF and Microwave Signal Generator

The compact, versatile R&S®SMB100A RF and microwave signal generator with a frequency range up to 40 GHz provides outstanding spectral purity and high output power. In addition, it features easy operation, and comprehensive functionality.

10 Hz - 40 GHz Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

The R&S®FSV40 is an exceptionally fast and versatile signal and spectrum analyzer for performance-oriented, cost-conscious users working in the development, production, installation and servicing of microwave and RF systems.

5 Axis Antenna Positioner

* Measure the antenna polar plot in 3 D using MATLAB
* Rotate the antenna under test in Azimuth, Elevation & Polarization Plane
* Align the antenna under test in X and Y directions
* Automate the process of S12 measurement using VNA and stepper motor control

Microwave Integrated Circuit Research Kit

Multi function instrument comprising of RF Signal Generator, RF Sweep Generator, RF Power meter, Scope, Amplitude/Pulse Modulator of Frequency: 0.04GHz to 4.4 GHz PLL Synthesised with USB PC interface. Network Analyser Slotted Line Frequency: 1 to 8 GHz Broadband Directional coupler 25 Ceramic Rogers 4350 Gold plated Substrate MIC Components at 3 GHz typical: pHEMT Low Noise Amplifier with Noise figure 0.5dB, Unfolded Lange Coupler, Folded Lange Coupler, Branch Line Quadrature Hybrid, Hybrid ring rat race, Coupled Line Directional, Bandpass Filter Tapped Hairpin, Low Pass Filter Open Stub, Low Pass Stepped Impedance, Band Pass Edge Coupled, Bandstop filter, PIN Diode SPST Switch, PIN Diode Variable Attenuator 0 to 20dB, PIN Diode Switchable Attenuator 20dB, InGaP HBT MMIC Amplifier, Wilkinson Equal Power Divider, Wilkinson Unequal Power Divider, Voltage Control Oscillator 2 to 3.8 GHz, Double balanced Mixer 1.6 to 6 GHz, Circulator 20dB isolation, Ring resonator, Tapered Line Transformer, Mis-matched/matched loads, Termination, Open, Short, Adapters, RG316 cables, Attenuator 20dB.

Transmission Line Reasearch Kit

Multi function instrument comprising of RF Signal Generator, RF Sweep Generator, RF Power meter, Scope, RF Power Meter, Amplitude/Pulse Modulator of Frequency: 0.04GHz to 4.4 GHz PLL Synthesized with USB PC interface. Network Analyser, Slotted Line Frequency: 1 to 8GHz, 50 ohms Termination / Load, 20 dB attenuator, 16 Loads (4 x 4 ports), Double Stub Tuner with 4 small magnets, SMA Plug (Male) Short Termination, SMA Plug (Male) Open Termination, SMA Plug (Male) 50Ohms termination, SMA Plug (Male) 75Ohms termination, SMA TEE Adapter.

C & S Band Satellite Communication Research Kit

Satellite Uplink Transmitter Satellite Downlink Receiver Satellite link Emulator Interference Generator Noise Figure Analyser Parabolic Dish 2.4 & 5.8 GHz, Log periodic antenna, Microstrip Circular Patch Array 2 X 2, Microstrip Rectangular Patch Array 2 X 2, Microstrip rectangular Patch array - 5.8 GHz.

Wireless Sensor Network Research Kit

Wireless to Ethernet Gateway, MCU Development Board, USB/Serial to RF Modem Sensors: Accelerometer, Biometrics (Alchohol, CO, LPG, Hydrogen, Methane, Dust, Finger print), Capacitive Touch, Current, Flex/Force (Flexible PVDF Piezo Polymer Film, Force Sensitive Resistor, Flex Sensor, Soft Pot Membrane Potentiometer), Gyroscope, RFID Card/Reader, IR Imaging Light, Magnetic, Proximity, Radiation Nuclear, Sound, Temperature, Weather (Humidity, Pressure, Light).

Phase Array Antenna Research Kit

PLL transmitter and receiver 40MHz-4 GHz, 1 KHz to 500 Mhz step size RF Power measurement in 0.1 dB resolution, 60 dB dynamic range Directional Coupler for VSWR/ Return Loss. Stepper motor antenna rotator, 1 degree resolution. USB interface with polar/cartesian plotting software Microstrip Phase array antenna, Log Periodic antenna All antenna gain, return loss and pattern plot 1000 Frequency and level storage in receiver 2X2 array of patch antennas with individual phase addressing Microwave Absorber panels.

Radar Research Kit

Microwave Radar Transceiver, Radar Jammer, Software, Microwave absorber, Variable speed fan with speed regulator, Pendulum, Tuning Fork, Piezoelectric Buzzer, Target Emulator, High RCS Reference Target Reflector, Accessories.

Research Bench

Laboratory bench (table, power supply duct, PC holder, power supply unit, TFT monitor attachment, panel mounting frame) Weller temptronic soldering station DC power supply unit.

Antenna Research Kit

RF Generator & RF Analyser Various antennas: Microstrip Yagi, Log Spiral, Microstrip Patch Transformer Fed, Microstrip Dipole, Microstrip Log Periodic Dipole Array, Microstrip Slot, Right Circularly Polarized Patch, Left Circularly Polarized Patch, Spiral Slot, Microstrip Circular Patch, Folded Dipole, Endfire Phased array, Broadside phased array, Microstrip Rectangular Patch, Monopole, Loop, Coplanar waveguide CPW Bow tie Antenna, Rectangular Patch Array 2 X 2, Dual Rectangular Patch, Reference Logperiodic).

X Band Microwave Research Kit

Gunn Power Supply SWR Meter/ High Gain Low Noise amplifier X band Spectrum Analyser X band Microwave Power Meter X band Microwave Power Sensor X Band Microwave Source Klystron Power Supply X Band Network Analyser Gunn Oscillator Broadband Micrometer tunable, PIN Diode Modulator Broadband, Klystron Oscillator, Frequency Meter calibrated, Detector Waveguide Broadband, Slide Screw Tuner with Precision Micrometer, Variable Attenuator Calibrated, Fixed Attenuator Waveguide Broadband, Matched Termination Broadband, Slotted Line Precision & Matched Probe, Multihole Directional Coupler Broadband, Hybrid / Magic Tee, E plane Series Tee, H Plane Shunt Tee, Solid Dielectric cell, Liquid Dielectric cell, Rectangular waveguide, Phase Shifter waveguide calibrated, Circulator Ferrite Broadband, Isolator Ferrite Broadband, Fixed Short, Movable Short Precision, Waveguide to Coax adapter, Waveguide Stands, Reflector Panel, Manual Antenna Rotator, Helix (RHCP), Dielectric Rod, Precision Slotted Line, Microwave absorber, Slot WG narrow wall, Slot WG broad wall, Patch Microstrip circularly polarized, Patch Microstrip, Patch Microstrip Array 2x1, Patch Microstrip Array 4x1, Conical Horn, E Plane Sectoral Horn, H Plane Sectoral Horn, Standard Gain Pyramidal Horn Antenna.

Digital Oscilloscope

Bandwidth : 350MHz - Sample rate : 3.2GS/s
10M record length for each channel
Multi-function : auto-scale, Pass / Fail, and current-measuring
LAN remote control
Smart design with easy portability
Large 8 inch 800 x 600 pixels display

TriCore Starter Kit

Evaluation kit for the TC1797 including Getting Started, technical documentation, evaluation versions for compiler and debugger, USB cable, power supply and extension board On-Chip Memory: - 4 MByte embedded program flash with ECC, - 16KByte EEPROM (emulated by 64KByte data Flash), - 156 KByte on-chip SRAM, - 4KByte data cache, - 16 KByte instruction cache.

XMC4500 Relax Kit

XMC4500 Microcontroller (ARM® Cortex™-M4F based) Detachable on-board debugger 2 x user button and 2 x user LED 4 x SPI-Master, 3x I2C, 3 x I2S, 3 x UART, 2 x CAN, 17 x ADC (12 bit), 2 x DAC, 31x PWM mapped on 2 Pin Headers 2 x 20 0.1” Ethernet PHY and RJ45 jack Real Time Clock crystal 32 Mbit Quad-SPI Flash microSD card slot.

F1 Evaluation Kit

The F1 Evaluation Platform is a simple development tool for Enhanced Mid-range PIC microcontrollers (PIC12F1xxx/PIC16F1xxx) and demonstrates the capabilities & low power enhancements of these new PIC microcontrollers. Included with a PICkit3 for quick programming, this kit provides a platform for general purpose development and gives you the ability to develop code for any PIC12F1xxx/PIC16F1xxx microcontroller.